December 14

How I Refreshed My Mind While Shopping at L Brands

The last week was a stressful one for me. My cat had fallen sick, and I had a rather bitter argument with my partner. It is against this background that I found myself walking into the local L Brands store, in search of shopping therapy. The idea was simple: go to the local L Brands store, have a two-hour shopping adventure and (hopefully) be refreshed by the time I would be stepping out of the store.

There is a good reason why I chose the local L Brands outlet. It is a vast store – the sort of store you can explore for hours without reaching all corners. It also has a wide variety of merchandise, and just trying to sort through it all forces your mind to be distracted, by and by. The store’s color themes are also of the variety that cools your mind down and destresses you (as opposed to stimulating your already tired mind).

Accordingly, last Saturday, at exactly 2 pm, I ventured into the local L Brands store, with a view to distract myself through shopping. I started by browsing through the dresses section (it is close to the main entrance). I was in the dresses section for about 30 minutes, observing the flower and color patterns in the various dresses. In the process, I picked a couple of pretty dresses, before proceeding to the jackets section for another 40 minutes. By the time I was venturing into the lingerie section, I was starting to get tired. I nonetheless pushed myself to explore that section, followed by the accessories section, where I was able to pick a rather good belt and a modest neck chain for myself. I then proceeded to the checkout section, where I found a couple of cute attendants complaining bitterly about what I gathered were aces scheduling issues.

By time I was stepping out of the L Brands store, I was feeling much better about myself and the world. Conclusion: shopping therapy works, especially when you have some money to spend at a major L Brands outlet.