November 20

6 Tips to Keep Your Mind Sharp, All the Time

Feeling as if your mind is growing duller with each passing day? Here are some tips to sharpen it – and keep it sharp all the time:

  1. Get adequate sleep, consistently: We all know that it is impossible for our minds to operate optimally if we are groggy. So it is important for you to figure out what ‘adequate’ sleep means to you, and ensure that you don’t get anything less than that on a day to day basis. It is also important for you to create a comfortable sleeping environment, and get rid of things that tend to interrupt your sleep.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast: It has been observed that people who skip breakfast tend to have sub-optimal mental performance. So you can’t afford to skip breakfast, if you want your mind to be in top shape all the time.
  3. Breathe properly: The idea is to deliver adequate oxygen to the brain, in order to get it to function optimally.
  4. Don’t overeat: The objective here is to avoid a situation where the body is forced to dedicate all its energy to digesting the excess food, at the expense of other functions (like the thinking function).
  5. Manage your stress properly: It is impossible for our minds to function optimally when we are over-stressed. That is because when we are over-stressed, our minds go into fight or flight mode – which is not ideal for thinking or other high-level mental activities. You need to identify the things that cause you stress, then figure out what to do about them. Let’s say, for instance, that you are a GM dealer, and every visit to the GM global connect portal triggers a stress reaction in you. What you would need to do in that case is identify the specific dealership-related tasks that cause you to be stressed. Then you can either undertake more training (to become better at them), delegate them, or simply change your attitude towards them. The key thing is to identify the deeper roots of your stress, and resolve them conclusively.
  6. Maintain good posture at all times: It has been observed that whenever we slouch (or opt for other non-ideal postures), our mental performance tends to go down. The inference is clear – try to maintain good postures at all times, and that will go a long way towards keeping your mind sharp at all times.

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